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Welcome Message

It is with sincere pleasure that I welcome you to our website as we begin the 22-23 school year at Armstrong School District.  For the coming school year, I look forward to working and learning with our students, teachers, and community members.  I am proud of our students, teachers, and support staff for their work over the past two years as we have strived to have in person school as much as possible during the pandemic.  As a parent and school administrator, I am excited about the opportunities that are available for our students.  
We are now a 1:1 school with Chromebooks as our selected device.  We will continue the development of technology initiatives including the use of IXL software in mathematics and English language arts as well as training for our teachers that is designed and provided by our instructional technology coaches.  We look forward to starting the use of new social studies and world language resources at the secondary level.  This school year marks the start of a district wide initiative in the form of a community developed strategic plan.  (please check it out here)
Last school year, I had the opportunity to work with teachers, administrators, school board members, and parents  to provide our students with a quality education in a caring and safe environment.  Through working with our teachers, principals, and parents, I have found that they seek to engage our students in meaningful activities that help them reach their potential.  I have long believed that though we are mandated to do many things, we should not allow ourselves or our school community be defined by what we are forced to do.  We can set our own course by ensuring that we teach and model our core beliefs like striving to reach our potential, understanding what it means to respect ourselves and each other, and knowing that when we are trusted to do the right thing, we will.  These are all supportive of the Armstrong School District mission statement that we will, in partnership with our families and communities, graduate educationally prepared, productive, morally responsible individuals.  I look forward to working with all members our school community to accomplish our mission.

Josh Williams

Assistant Superintendent