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Dual Enrollment

High School Students Benefit from Taking College Courses

Dual enrollment courses allow college-bound students in grades 11 and 12 to earn college-level credit for courses taken high school. Dual enrollment also provides high school students who may be undecided about their future to have the opportunity to experience college, and decide whether it is the right option for them.

ASD partners with Indiana University of PA (IUP), Butler County Community College (BC3) and Clarion University of PA to offer these courses.
Students taking IUP-sponsored dual enrollment courses attend classes at either IUP’s Main Campus or the Northpointe branch campus. Clarion courses may be taken online. BC3 courses are generally offered either before or after school within the district. IUP and Clarion also offer online options.
Dual enrollment courses in high school accelerate a student’s college career by allowing qualified students to earn college credits that are widely accepted and generally transferable. In light of the spiraling cost of higher education, taking dual enrollment courses in high school can be considered a real bargain because they are generally offered at a significantly lower rate than regular college courses. In the case of IUP, total costs (including tuition and fees for a 3-credit dual enrollment course) are 75 percent lower.

Please note that dual enrollment classes do not replace high school course requirements, and do not factor into a student's grade point average or class rank. Students may, however, earn a high school free elective credit by taking a dual enrollment course.