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Transportation Office Hours:
8:00 AM-4:00 PM
We are located in the ASD Administration Building, 181 Heritage Park Dr., Suite 2, Kittanning, PA 16201
Phone: 724-548-6014
Fax: 724-548-7201
The Armstrong School District encompasses 436 square miles and transports approximately 6,000 students daily. We contract with five bus companies (A.J. MYERS & SONS, BARKER, INC, SHRIVER CONTRACT SERVICES, INC, SMITH BUS COMPANY AND VALLEY LINES, INC) to provide services to our public schools, non-public schools, and special schools outside of the district.  We also contract for all of our special needs transportation wherever the placement. These placements range from district operated service and contracted services outside of the school district.

The district contracts for approximately 150 school buses and vans on a daily basis. Mileage traveled by our buses is around 50,000 miles per week.
Student Registration 
Are you new to the school district and not sure which school that you need to register your student? Call or email the Transportation Department and we can look up your address and direct you to the appropriate school for registration. 
☎ 724-548-6014
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