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Technology Department
Program Overview
The Armstrong School District Board of Directors and Administration are committed to implementing and supporting modern technology initiatives throughout our schools. By providing our students with diverse technical opportunities, our students graduate with hands on technological experiences and skills necessary to compete in today’s post secondary environment and life.

The district has worked in conjunction with state and federal programs to make key technological systems available to students: updated computer labs; classroom computers; local and wide area networking; online research systems; Internet access; and career planning systems. Coinciding with these efforts, business, technology, and programming courses district-wide are routinely revamped to address current and future technological demands. Currently, the Armstrong School District operates 24 computer labs and over 3000 computers for student use.

Connecting all of these technological devices, is a massive network support system comprised of local and wide area networks designed at tying the districts 8 buildings together to provide equal access to online systems regardless of building location.

Technology and the role it plays within our educational system is constantly being reviewed and upgraded as part of the District’s 3-year Technology Plan and 5-Year Comprehensive Plan. The Armstrong School District believes that education via curriculum should drive technology efforts. Technology is in place to enhance curricular offerings and assist in making our learning processes more efficient and effective.

The links to the left are provided to give more insight into the technology in use within the Armstrong School District. Feel free to look around at the exciting things we are doing.