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Growth & Development

Pennsylvania has, as a part of the School Code, mandated that every child every year have their height, weight, and vision screened. Hearing screenings are done in grades K-3, 7 and 11. 
Every child will be screened for BMI, that includes the calculation of the child's Body Mass Index or BMI and the BMI percentile.  Your child's BMI results are easily accessible in your child's parent portal under "HEALTH INFO". The BMI is for stature index that can be used to help determine whether the student is within a normal growth pattern, at risk for overweight, overweight, or underweight. Many factors such as sports participation or family history, can influence height and weight in children. BMI should be considered a screening tool and not a definitive measure of your child's health. Your child's Health Care Provider is the best person to evaluate these measurements.
Should your child fail a vision or hearing screen your child's school nurse will notify you immediately by way of a referral given to your child.