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Parent Resource Links

ARIN Intermediate Unit 28
Resource for parent rights, specific disabilities and educational initiatives.

PDE Bureau of Special Education Website

PDE Transition Website
Your transition from school to adult life is an important series of steps.  To help you map out this process, the Bureau of Special Education has developed a website for you, your family and school.

State Performance Plan
Click to view SEDR Reports

ABOARD (Advisory Board on Autism and Related Disorders)
ABOARD (Advisory Board on Autism and Related Disorders) offers a Free Book and Video lending Library for parents and organizations. You can find more details about what is available by visiting their website and clicking on "Resources" and then "Lending Library."

Epilepsy Foundation of Western Pennsylvania

ODR Training Videos and Parent Resources
Office for Dispute Resolution

Pennsylvania Department of Health Transition Checklist
The Pennsylvania Department of Health has produced a resource for students with disabilities that focuses on special health care needs and supports them with information that they would need for transition into adult living.

The PEAL Center Parent Trainings

Works for Me Newsletter
Sign up for up-to-date information for students who are ages 14 and up and have a Transition Plan.  This newsletter has great articles regarding transitioning.
Parent Guide to Special Education

The Special Education Evaluation/IEP Process

Available upon request from the building principal in your child's school:
  • Parents' Rights
  • Mediation
  • Due Process Procedures
  • Specific Special Education Services and Programs offered by Armstrong School District
  • Educational Records Policy