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ACT 24

Background check update

PDE Reminds School Administrators of Applicability of Changes to Background Check Law Under Act 82 of 2012 and availability of Revised PDE-6004 Form to Report Arrests and Convictions of Offenses.

Act 24 of 2011 -  Form PDE-6004

As you may have heard, recent changes to Pennsylvania School Code took effect earlier in the school year.  Act 24 of 2011 (Act 24) amends Section 111 of the School Code, which provides for background checks for employees of public and private schools, intermediate units and area vocational-technical schools.  The changes to Section 111 became effective September 28, 2011.

Act 24 adds several new crimes to the list of offenses in Section 111(e), which disqualify individuals from school employment.  Because of the expanded list of prohibited criminal offenses, Act 24 requires all current school employees to complete a Pennsylvania Department of Education (β€œPDE”) form to report prior arrests or convictions for any offense listed in the newly expanded Section 111(e).   PDE developed Form PDE-6004 for reporting purposes, and a copy of that form is included with this memo.

To be clear, all staff must submit the form even if they do not have a record.  Therefore, you are required to print and submit a signed and completed Form PDE-6004 to your building secretary yearly.  

Act 24 also now requires that school employees report to the District within 72 hours of any arrest or conviction for any criminal offense listed in Section 111(e).  The attached Form PDE-6004 should be used to make reports of any arrests or convictions to Human Resources in the future.

To Submit Forms
Click here to download the Form PDE-6004.  Please print the completed forms and submit directly to the building secretary. Electronic copies will not be accepted.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Act 24 of 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

Who must submit the PDE 6004 form?

All current employees of a public school, private school, intermediate unit, or vocational technical school. This includes substitutes, volunteers, senior tax volunteers, extracurricular staff, and PIAA game officials.

What happens if I do not want to submit one?

Your administrator will contact staff members who fail to submit a form and may request submission of updated clearances. Ignoring the request will result in further investigation.
Do I have to report an arrest or conviction for a Reportable Offense?

Yes. Any arrest or conviction for an offense set forth in Section 111(e) must be reported within 72 hours of the arrest or conviction. The intent of the PDE 6004 is for future reporting purposes.

Do I have to submit the form if I do not have a record?

Yes. Again, all district employees must complete the form.