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Teacher Evaluation

Beginning in the 2016-17 school year, all evaluations in Armstrong School District will be completed using Pennsylvania's Electronic Teacher Evaluation Portal on the previous menu or by clicking here.  Evaluation for the 2015-16 school year will be completed upon receipt of value added data in October of this year.
Types of Supervision:

Differentiated Supervision:  

Differentiated Supervision provides a framework for professional growth designed to improve teacher effectiveness, instructional practices, and student achievement by recognizing that teachers have different growth needs and learning styles.


Formal Observation:

The formal observation mode must be based on the Danielson's Framework for Teaching. This mode requires a pre-conference, an observation, self reflection, and a post conference to determine areas for growth (formative assessment) and also to serve as data for the summative assessment.

Formal Observation Forms


Formal Observation Forms for Nurses---Rubric is attached under Non-Teaching Professionals Information


Formal Observation Forms for Guidance---Rubric is attached under Non-Teaching Professionals Information 


Formal Observation Forms for OT/PT---Rubric is attached under Non-Teaching Professionals Information 


Formal Observation Forms for School Psychologist---Rubric is attached under Non-Teaching Professionals Information 


Action Research:

Action research enables the individual teacher to work independently or collectively on professional growth concerns in the area of formative assessment, effective teaching, and meaningful student learning.


Action Research Plan Forms


 Action Research Example Articles and Information:


Action Research Article 



This approach is designed to promote reflection and analysis as well as to demonstrate professional growth. Portfolios begin with a belief statement, banner question and progress to a plan. Portfolios include a collection of artifacts and evidence that represent growth in thinking, planning, delivering, and assessing teaching.


Portfolio Example Articles and Information: 


Walk Through:

Walk-Through is the process that promotes professional dialogue and allows administrators to quickly gather evidence/data to support particular goals for improvement in regards to formative assessment, effective teaching and meaningful student learning. Walk-throughs will be used for ALL supervision modes (Action Plans, Portfolios and Formal Observations).