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Parent Information 4-27

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

The purpose of this message is to provide you an update as we look towards finishing this school year in our current situation.  


  • This has been a transition that has presented many challenges for all involved.  As we have noted in previous communications, we will continue to provide for the continuity of our students' education in the best way we can under the circumstances we all face.  Students are expected to engage in their learning in the best way they can by actively participating.  We recognize the burden that has been placed on parents.  Please communicate your needs to our teachers and staff by email, by calling the main office of your child's school building, or by calling the district main office (724-548-7200).
  • Students are expected to engage and participate in their education.  Submitted work will be evaluated by teachers.  However, there will be no final exams conducted this school year.  Students will not have assignments after May 18th.  The remaining days of school will be used to provide any students extra time to complete previous assignments, and complete grading for quarter 4.   
  • Students taking advanced placement courses (AP) have the choice to take or not the AP exam for their course.  However, refunds will not be issued for the exam.  The AP exam format has been shortened by the college board and testing will be conducted online.  Students taking those courses can get additional information on the exams from their teacher.
  • Several schools have planned and posted dates for end of school year events like graduation.  These plans are completely dependent on directives from government entities.  At best, setting a fixed date at this point is a guess.  As a district, we believe graduation is an important milestone in the lives of our students that should be recognized in the best format we can provide.  Ideally, that would be in a formal ceremony as we have traditionally done.  Right now, our best estimation as to how that may occur is an outdoor ceremony (July) setup to allow for social distancing.  We will be creating a backup plan as well to ensure the recognition of our seniors happens.  Additionally, we will be reaching out to seniors for their input on this possibility of a July ceremony.  Please note that any student who needs their diploma prior to any delayed graduation ceremony date will be able to receive it.
  • Please remember, by order of the Governor, if you or your student has a need to access any of our school buildings including the main office, you will be expected to be wearing a mask.
  • We have posted a Frequently Asked Question page on the district website


Please stay safe.