Strategic Plan Community Survey

In the spring of 2021, the Armstrong School District began the process to develop a Strategic Plan that will guide the work of the district for the next 5 years.  In general, strategic planning is a process of setting long-term, overarching goals and then defining a clear and structured path to reach them. It is a means to see the big picture as opposed to planning that targets short-term tasks.  
This survey was created as a means to provide additional opportunities for school community members to contribute to this process on two major components of the plan.  These two components are the qualities that we as a school community want to see in graduates of our district as well as district wide goals and associated  measures.  The core qualities of an Armstrong Graduate and the District Wide Goals presented in this survey were drafted by a representative group of our school community that included students, parents, teachers, board members, and school administrators.     
Thank you for your participation.