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 Steps to Activate Edline Account

1.   Open Firefox or Internet Explorer

2.        Key in in the address box.

3.        Click on “Click here” to activate your new activation code.

4.        Key in your activation code in the box; you do not have to use capital letters or hyphens.

5.        Click on Enter, your identity should appear under code.

6.        Click on Activate This Code

7.        Click on Agree 

8.        Click on New Account  (First time users or for new students at FC, any grade level)

9.        Combined Account is for parents who have more than one child at the high school.

10.     Key in a screen name and password. You have to make this up; please remember your screen name and password.

 NOTE: If someone is already using the screen name you entered, you will receive an error message. To prevent seeing an error message, create a screen name containing a combination of letters and numbers

 Students should use 99 number as screen name.

 11.     Click on Continue

 12.     Answer the questions for email and security. Email is used if you want your password to be emailed to you in case you forget it. Security is used to obtain password.

 13.     Click on Save and Return

 14.     If you would like to use the User Guide, you may click on those.

 15.     At the top of the screen, click on the Continue button.

 16.     Your Edline home screen should appear.

To view classes, hover over My Classes & Shortcuts  and select class you want to view.

 17.     When you are finished, click on SIGN OUT.

 18.     From this point forward, you will key your screen name and password in the boxes of Edline’s homepage in order to connect to Edline. This can be done at ANY computer that has Internet accessibility.

Last Modified on September 5, 2013