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Little Saber Wellness Walking Club


Attention everyone our walking club is back!  We will be starting our Little Saber Wellness Walking Club on TBA.  We will be walking down on the Ford City trail.  We will meet at the clock at 6:00pm.  We walk approximately 2 miles.  We encourage your child to come but it is also mandatory for him/her to be accompanied by an adult.  We want this to be a family affair so please bring the whole family including our furry friends that can be leashed.   For each time your child comes to the wellness club, he/she will recieve a shoe charm.  Once the child recieves 3 shoe charms he/she will be eligible to win prizes raffled off at various times throughout the school year.  Also, if your child attends at least 3 walking clubs they will be eligible to come to the middle of the year and end of the year wellness celebrations for free.


Please keep your eyes posted for our kickoff that will be held sometime in October.   


Please direct all questions about the “Little Saber Wellness Club” to Mrs. Pschirer, Mrs. Stull, or Mrs. Taladay.  We look forward to seeing you!