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West Hills Primary
Extended Day Kindergarten
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no image Using technology in the classroom is an important part of the learning continuum.  Computer and technology skills are a critical requirement in today's educational and working environments and developing those skills in ways which enhance learning opportunities begins in kindergarten. 

  no imageWelcome to the land of the letter people.  Our class is a special place where language comes alive, where literacy grows, and learning is fun.  Children are encouraged to try out their developing literacy and social skills with the assurance that their own knowledge and ideas are respected and valued. The Letter People serve as motivators for oral language development, allowing children to share their personal experiences,feelings, and opinions. The children are encouraged to play with and manipulate sounds and words, to experiment with rhyms, alliteration, and to hear and repeat stories, songs and poems.  Each letter person is a friend who will help the children navigate phonological and phonemic  awareness instruction in a systematic and progressive way.   

     no imageIn order to make learning come alive, it takes the right ingredients.  We need the children and the family along with the teacher to create the right formula for success.  The letter people adds another ingredient. The letter people along with the teacher guide children through literacy development, offering them all the necessary skills to unlock oral and written language, as well as providing the emotional engagement that empowers learning that lasts a lifetime.  No two children are the same.  That means no two children can have their developmental and educational needs met in exactly the same way.  We begin where the child is and offer a variety of differentiated learning experiences which meets individual needs.  We provide numereous avenues for success with learning targets.  The social and emotional intelligence of a child is the complex ability to be effective in all the critical domains of life.  The Letter People teach more than the ABC's.  They help children learn how to get along with one another and solve problems. 
       no image Print awareness has been identified as one of the most important concepts that children need to develop in kindergarten.  Knowledge of forms and funtions of print is the first step to awareness of letter shapes, names and sounds, and eventually, of words (International Association For The Education of Young Children 1998.) Children's performance on measures of print knowledge is a reliable predictor of their future success. Authentic literature, Big /Little Books, Pre-decodable and Decodable readers, and Letter People Song Charts show children how books and print works. Through reading activities , children become familiar with the parts of books, print directionality, capital and lower case letters in print, and the boundaries of words. Children are encouraged to learn about print through daily writing activities which can include journal writing and at learning centers.                                                                                                                                          
Last Modified on November 3, 2009